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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Woman...who said, "I'll die of sickness..."

Mrs. Lalita aged 27, lives in a small village. she and her husband have three children. They live in a very poor family. One day, Mrs. Lalita experienced all of sudden unbearable pain in her stomach. We came across this family during our field visit and while meeting her daughter Saloni, who has a different story to tell us.

The woman said that, "I will die of this sickness because there was no finance for the medicines and surgery." The doctor had told her that at any point your sickness may get worse and if you don't go for the immediate surgery, you may have to loose your life.

We heard this story from her husband and others in the neighborhood. We then began to look for some friends, who might be able to help in this surgery and save this precious life.

...She went for surgery in time and operation went successfully. God provided the needed finance for the surgery. A life was saved and her small three children can still call her "Ma" (Mummy). Lalita is happy to see her children walking and talking around her. She thanks God and thanks each one who contributed to help her.

Thank you friends for helping HELP to do the needful. God bless you.

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