Health, Evangelism & Literacy Program

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Women Development Program: New Sewing Center opening (July 2014)

Our program, to start the sewing center, in this village was disturbed by the rains at the exact time, but without any further delay, we did it today on 22/July/2014. Altogether, about fifty women, men and children joined us. The children (present) were taught a lesson on personal cleanliness and were encouraged to go to schools, Due to heavy rains, it was hard to gather, as most of these people were in their fields or forest. When people gathered the head of the village came, cut the inauguration ribbon and spoke gently about our initiative in their village. The women were happy and told us that they will cooperate in running the Center in their village. We prayed to begin the program, and asked God's blessing on the sewing students. All of us enjoyed sweets after the program. The next day, a Hindi daily published news about us. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to help these women.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

General and Eye medical Camp for the villagers

On the demand of the local public of the area, we conducted a general medical camp in village Tipurpur. Different kinds of sick people (male, female, and children) came for check up. Most of them, also got free medicines from a partner Org. called BAIF. It was good to get their services. The Lehman Hospital (also called H.C.H.) provided us technical help i.e. they provided us the doctors and technician. In the camp 137 poor and needy people were checked and treated successfully. A few of them were found with cataract. The villagers thanked our team and the service we provided to them. The local news paper story and images:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

World TB Day 2014: FIND, TREAT and CURE

With our limited resources, we went to a village, where lots of people live in poverty and many of them have been affected by T.B. We told/Discussed with them about: 1. Cause of T.B 2. Symptoms of T.B. 3. Free test of sputum in the nearest D.M.C. 4. Free treatment of TB, by DOTS method 5. Let's make our village and nation TB free by playing our role. Villagers were happy to hear from us about this deadly sickness. They promised to keep their village aware about it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sewing Center Program Ceremony

We are pleased to inform you that on March 4th, 2014, 13 ladies completed a year sewing training. The ladies were happy to receive the certificate of completion and a sewing machine of their own, which was made possible by the generous gift of our partners. The program/ceremony was started with the prayers and welcome of Mrs. Seema Raj, who had been overseeing the training in the village. Then, we sang a song in praise of our God, one was, “Tere sammukh shish nawate… All the people, who attended our program sang these and enjoyed the lyrics. Then Mr. John P. the treasurer of the Org, shared about the over all goals, activities, and accomplishments so far. After this, Then, the certificates were given to the girls and women by the hands of the village chief Mrs. Seema Devi, who completed this training. It was meant for 1 year, starting from Feb 2013 till March, 2014. The next day local newspaper dainik Hindustan, carried a small story on this event. The guardians and parents of the ladies appreciated our ministry in the village. And village chief thanked us, for doing good work to help the helpless. The Program concluded by thanking everyone for their part in the training and program ceremony. We say thank you to all our supporter and prayer partners. May the good Lord bless you. Please continue to partner with us, to make difference in the lives of the poor and oppressed ones.