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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Women Development Program: New Sewing Center opening (July 2014)

Our program, to start the sewing center, in this village was disturbed by the rains at the exact time, but without any further delay, we did it today on 22/July/2014. Altogether, about fifty women, men and children joined us. The children (present) were taught a lesson on personal cleanliness and were encouraged to go to schools, Due to heavy rains, it was hard to gather, as most of these people were in their fields or forest. When people gathered the head of the village came, cut the inauguration ribbon and spoke gently about our initiative in their village. The women were happy and told us that they will cooperate in running the Center in their village. We prayed to begin the program, and asked God's blessing on the sewing students. All of us enjoyed sweets after the program. The next day, a Hindi daily published news about us. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to help these women.

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