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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Independace Day and Special gathering

On the Occasion of 65th Independance Day we had Flag hosting ceremony, which was done by the village Pradhan Mr. Vinod Kumar. He gave Independance Day greetings after we had sung our National Anthem. He thanked the HELP NGO for arranging program like this in his village. We had some patriotic songs sung, poems recitation by the children of our tution centers. The women from the Sewing center program had also joined us. There were also two panchayat members present on this occasion, along with many local residents. The special attentoin was Mrs. Mishra, a technical consultant from The Union New Delhi office. She spoke to the villagers about the importance of having good health with specific attention on Tuberclosus treatement which is freely available in all Govt hospitals. Mr. Satez assistentant project manager and Miss Neha R. was the District Coordinator Axshya Project from MSS Dehradun were also present and spoke on the TB awareness topic. The program concluded with the distrubtion of laddu (sweets) and thanksgiving.

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