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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Second Sewing Center women graduates

The program was held in village Badripur (DDN), in the presence of the village chief Mr. G. Singh. The 13 women/girls graduated in this second center. The program started with prayers. The women gave their testimonies how they were counselled, and were taught; not only the sewing skills but also on the health and hygiene by our volunteers and friends expert in their field. Local Pradhan (village chief) appreciated our work in their community and village. He said, "HELP's work is really excellent and on the grass-root level." All the participants were given Certificates of Program completion, and each one a sewing machine. This training has helped these women a lot and now onward they can sew/mend their own clothes and generate some incomes for their families. We thank God we were able to do this, with the help of our friends and supporters.

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